About our company

Creating successful paid search campaigns is a beauty. It takes creativity to compose gripping ads, a logical mind to make sure they appear in the right places and deep strategic knowledge to create a relevant landing environment.

Google AdWords Business have been doing paid search successfully since paid search began. Our campaigns are self-financing, scalable and get results for our clients. We design the map and build the roads to lead our clients and their customers in the right direction.

Just think of us as a team player in your team. Whether you need imaginative, a full-blown contact strategy, or deliverability guidance, you can count on us. With dedicated account managers, and email marketing professionals backing you up you can reach new heights.
Allow us to perform an audit on your email campaigns. We will use a proven, 200-point audit to review your email programs. We will analyse areas such as:

  • Social
  • Online and Mobile rendering
  • Legal
  • Offer & Response
  • Impact

Each category includes sub-categories, making up a total potential score of 200 points. With your score in-hand, we can discuss ways to improve your current email efforts and potential ways to move forward.

Email is not just science it’s also a form of art. At Google Adwords Business, we take a scientific approach to create thoughtful and attractive customer experiences. There are four phases to our approach.

Google Adwords Business really makes the effort to get to know and understand our clients and what we represent for our clients. We are confident that we are achieving the best possible digital solutions for you.

Talk to Google AdWords Business Consultant now and let us show you how to make your website more profitable from your existing web traffic.

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