Grow your Shopping Campaigns

The Google Shopping is one of the most powerful channel out there for online retailers. Using a Google Shopping campaign gives you an opportunity to display your products directly on the search results page in a persuasive and concise way: Image, Price and Active Promotion.

Google Shopping remains an odd hybrid product from Google. It requires a well thought out feed or product catalogue to Google’s specifications, a properly set up and managed Google Merchant Centre account, and a well organised and managed set of Shopping Campaigns within AdWords.

Google AdWords Business can help you get the most out of your Shopping Campaign deployment by consulting on and managing all three aspects – from development through deployment and management. We know this can all be overwhelming and mind blowing that’s why we are here to make it all easy for you. You tell us in details what you want to do and we’ll do it for you – it’s that simple!

Our Shopping Campaign Solutions include:

  • Consultation and deployment of commercially viable product feeds.
  • Setup, optimisation and monitoring of Google Merchant Centre accounts.
  • Deployment and management of properly segmented and managed shopping campaigns in Google AdWords.

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